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Pest Control Services

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Rodent Control

From rats and mice to squirrels and moles. A regulated control method can be provided to suit individual requirements. I offer domestic and commercial rodent control and prevention services with clearances starting from £95.
Regular service inspections can be arranged from as little as £15 per month, all of which include a written report identifying activity and any action taken or required.

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Mole Control

The European mole lives in an underground tunnel system which it constantly extends, creating dispersed earth resulting in characteristic mole hills. Moles mainly feed on earthworms and insects. There are many myths about how to deter moles unfortunately there is no credibility to these claims. I offer a mole eradication service without the use of harmful chemicals and I operate a no catch no fee policy. Discounts available for multiple mole infestations, pries start from £60.

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Insect Extermination

Prompt Wasp, Hornet, Cockroach and  Ant Nest treatments at your Domestic or commercial property from £40.00. All treatments guaranteed with substantial discounts on additional nests.

Other pests managed including squirrels, please contact us for advice.
Pest prevention inspections for domestic and commercial property free estimates. Detailed inspection reports.

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